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Good and Right Insurance Ways

In recent years the insurance business in Indonesia has grown significantly. This is certainly a very good development, because it shows an increase in public awareness for insurance. In undergoing daily routines, we realize that human life is always faced with various risks, such as loss of assets, health, damage, or death. Therefore, people are increasingly aware of the importance of insurance.

Tips for Choosing Good and Safe Insurance

Along with the development of insurance in the country, there are many insurance agents who provide many offers. But, of course we must be more careful about various tempting offers from insurance agents. Do not let the premium that has been paid every month turns out to be insufficient when there is a risk. In fact, you end up losing money and feeling cheated.

Then, how do you choose good and safe insurance? Here are some tips that you can use:

Make sure that the insurance company you selected is registered with the OJK and the Association. You can also see it on the OJK website and the Association or you can also ask directly to OJK Consumer Services.
Also make sure the insurance agent who helps you in managing the purchase of insurance products is a professional agent. Make sure he has an agency certification, and can explain in detail the products he offers.
Choose an insurance product that suits your needs. Don't get hung up on promos and prizes offered or even forced.
Ask in detail about the benefits to be provided, and the conditions required. Also ask about the exception of the guarantee (this is what often becomes the reason for refusing to submit a claim by the company)
Pay attention to the financial strength of the insurance company. Simply put, you can see it through a minimum Risk Base Capital amount of 120%. Besides that, you can know the condition of the assets and liabilities through the published balance sheet. Company profits every year can also be seen in the balance sheet.
If you have received a policy, read carefully the policy with all the attachments you have received. If the contents are not in accordance with what is conveyed by the agent, the policy can be changed or can also be canceled.
Note the description of the quality of services that have been provided by the company. For example, pay attention to how long the policy issuance process, the quality of designated partners (such as partner workshops, hospitals, etc.) and additional services and services provided.

When you choose an insurance company, make sure the company has an expert and experienced underwriter. You can see it from the company profile. The regulation requires companies to have experts in the Head Office, adjunct experts at all branch offices, and actuary personnel.